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Free The Robots

Datu (2001 edition) – Vinyl LP

Datu (2001 edition) – Vinyl LP
Free The Robots – Datu (2001 edition) – Vinyl LP


A truly awesome album from Free The Robots from 2019, an amazing left-field production paying homage to Chris's Philippine heritage, combining hip-hop beats, percussion, jazz, and electronics. Highly recommended!

2021 edition on Besides Records with sticker on the front cover.

*Please note some copies have a slight cover crease / dent. We have reduced the price to reflect this.

A1. Maranao (Album Version) / A2 Tikbalang / A3. Tunog Sa Lasang / A4. Garo Dai Maagod / A5. Magarib / A6. Kalinga / B1. Kulilal / B2. Ulibaw / B3 .Nose Flute Jam / B4. Manisi Song / B5 Kagul /B6 An Katapusan (PGs Post) Credits