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Fabiano Nascimento

Mundo Solo – Vinyl LP

Mundo Solo – Vinyl LP
Fabiano Nascimento – Mundo Solo – Vinyl LP


Far Out Recordings presents a sublime solo album by the amazing Brazilian guitarist and composer Fabiano Nascimento, recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles in 2020. Well recommended.

*Please note some copies have a slight cover crease. We have a reduced priced variant to reflect this.

A1. Abertura / A2. Curumim 2 / A3. Paperstrings / A4. Agua de Estrellas / A5. Bari / A6. Etude 1 / A7. Meianoite / A8. Reflections / A9. Coisa / B1. Coisa 2 / B2. CPVM / B3. Txaii / B4. Tempo / B5. De manhã / B6. Dormenor