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Surprise Chef

Surprise Chef are back with their upcoming second album 'Daylight Savings'.


Record Club Four

Rare lost gems and undiscovered contemporary tracks from across the globe.


rammellzee & K-rob

Undipsuted hip-hop genius, with iconic artwork by Jean-Michel Basquia.


New USA Arrivals

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Over time, we've been lucky enough to come across many deadstock masterpieces, take a look here.

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weekly selections playlist

Listen to the latest arrivals on our Weekly Selections Spotify playlist.

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Brazil 45S

'Golden era' Brazilian music, mastered and cut loud at 45rpm on 7" vinyl, packaged in lovingly produced Brazil 45 house bags.

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Life in Music: 30 Years of Mr Bongo

This short film by Owen Tozer is a portrait of Mr Bongo’s owner and founder, David Buttle. It tells the story of a life in music, and explores the passion and dedication required to sustain it.