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Wyndham Earl

Epoch – Vinyl LP

Epoch – Vinyl LP
Wyndham Earl – Epoch – Vinyl LP

$15.00 $28.00

A late contender for one of the albums of the year by Bongo HQ favourite Wyndham Earl on his own Time Spun Records imprint. 'Epoch' is a psychedelic trip through dusty downbeats & cosmic compositions drawing on jazz, folk, hip hop beats, prog, library music vibes, and more. A fantastic album throughout, essential stuff!!! 

Also, check out Wyndham Earl's remix of the excellent Wax Machine on Mr Bongo Record Club 4 compilation for further listening. 

1. Enter The Behemoth / 2. The Watcher / 3. Concentric Circles /4. Night Of The Hunter / 5. Shards Of Light / 6. Bridges : Building / 7. Bracken / 8. The Calm & The Storm / 9. Crossing Bridges