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B.J. Ward

Vocal Ease – Vinyl LP

Folk - Funk - Jazz
Vocal Ease – Vinyl LP
[product vendor] - Vocal Ease – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo USA

$40.00 $54.00

Japanese import copy on Universal Dessinee Records of the rare Dutch funky folk gem Vocal Ease by B.J. Ward ‎from 1970. Highly recommended. 

A1. Vocalise / A2. Keep It To Yourself / A3. Earth Child-Moon Child / A4 .Here We Are / A5. The Loner /  A6. Try To Remember / B1. That's How The World Is Made / B2. The Music Of Love / B3. Billy's Blues / B4. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times / B5. Words On Words / B6. I Don't Know Where I'm Going