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Various Artists

Just A Touch – Vinyl 2LP

Just A Touch – Vinyl 2LP
Various Artists – Just A Touch – Vinyl 2LP

$35.99 $37.99

A superb selection of underground UK Street-Soul, compiled by Sam Don. Highly recommended!!!!

*Please note; some copies have a slight cover crease caused in transit. There is a reduced price variant to reflect this.

 A1. Bô'vel - Coming Back / A2. Sam - Life (Club Mix) / A3. Marcelle Moncrieffe - Take Me There / B1. Kofi - Step by Step / B2. Pure Silk - What You Do for Me / B3. Jenny B - Sexy Eyes / C1. Sonja Ryshard - Step Back / C2. Cavalier - Don't Touch / C3. Purely Fizzycal - Straight to the Top / D1. Dennis Planter - I Still Dream of You / D2. Taffy - Passion / D3. Weekend In Paris - Hold Your Head Up