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Various Artists

Duet Layers – Vinyl LP

Duet Layers – Vinyl LP
Various Artists – Duet Layers – Vinyl LP


7K! Record kick off their 'The Layers' compilations series which focuses on and supports contemporary classical music in all it's forms. First up in 'Duet Layers' containing six duets; include one by the amazing Hania Rani & Colin Stetson.

A1. Hania Rani & Colin Stetson - In All This Heavy Blue / A2. Stefano Guzzetti & Neil Leiter - Lost / A3. Simon Goff & Dobrawa Czocher - Appearing / B1. Niklas Paschburg & Bryan Senti - Jungle / B2. Peter Zummo & Tilman Robinson - Thought Sent Valley / B3. Laura Masotto & Ryan Teague - Perseids