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Uusi Jazzi Klubi

Nilsiänkadun Rauhansopimus – Vinyl LP

Nilsiänkadun Rauhansopimus – Vinyl LP
Uusi Jazzi Klubi – Nilsiänkadun Rauhansopimus – Vinyl LP


A superb debut album from the Finnish Avant guard jazz sextet collective Uusi Jazzi Klubi, that features two members from Oiro Pena. No limits is their slogan but categorize it as energetic free that branches out in modal/spiritual territory. Well, recommended. 

Comes in reused sleeves, they are flipped inside-out and artwork has been glued on top of cardboard again, sleeves come in different color variations from white to grey, also some small tears and old glue stains might be visible. Limited run of 250 copies each individually numbered!

A1. Veditkö / A2. Hevostuottaja brainweldin Ominaisuudet / A3. Afternoon And Evening As Well / B1. Salakerta / B2. Kurviin

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