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Trio Mocotó

Trio Mocotó – Vinyl LP/CD

Trio Mocotó – Vinyl LP/CD


1. Não Adianta / 2. O Meu Violão / 3. A Ros / 4. Xuxu Melão / 5. Doca / 6. Toda Tarde / 7. Sossega Malandro / 8. Dilê / 9. Onde Anda Voce / 10. Que Nega É Essa

Classic Brazilian album from 1977, featuring the incredible 'Não Adianta’ and a brilliant cover of Jorge Ben’s 'Que Nega É Essa’.

Luiz Carlos Fritz (Fritz Escovão), João Parahyba and Nereu Gargalo aka Trio Mocotó are most well-known as Jorge Ben Jr.'s backing band. They played on several seminal Jorge Ben LP’s – his self-titled from 1969, Força Bruta in 1970 and Negro É Lindo in 1971.

Trio Mocotó were also key players in the development of the 'samba rock’ sound – a fusion of samba, soul and rock influenced by music from the USA.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed from Arlequim.