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Tihomir Pop Asanović

Majko Zemljo – Vinyl LP

Majko Zemljo – Vinyl LP
[product vendor] - Majko Zemljo – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo USA

$19.00 $28.99

Amazing re-issue of one of the most wanted jazz-funk groove records from the former Yugoslavia, Tihomir Pop Asanovic's awesome 'Majko Zemljo' album from 1974. Remastered from the original tapes and made under the supervision of Tihomir Pop Asanović.

A1. Majko Zemljo / A2. Balada O Lišću / A3. Berlin I / A4. Tema Za Pop LP / B1. Rokenrol Dizajner / B2. Ostavi Trag / B3. Telepatija / B4. Berlin II