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Jesse Sharps Quintet & P.A.P.A

Sharps And Flats – Vinyl LP

Sharps And Flats – Vinyl LP
[product vendor] - Sharps And Flats – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo USA


Re-issue of the sole release from the Jesse Sharps Quintet – modal jazz harking back to jazz greats of the 60's and 70's. The last 16-minutes is a spiritual jazz journey, reminiscent of Sun-Ra, from the Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra project. Re-issued on vinyl for the first time.

A1. The Goat and the RamJam 6:55 / A2. Question 7:05 / B1. Macrame 6:00 / B2. Mike's Tune 7:45 / C1. As a Child 6:50 / C2. Carnival 5:05 / D1. (The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra McKowsky's) First Fifth 16:35