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Sandro Brugnolini

Utopia – Vinyl LP

Utopia – Vinyl LP
Utopia – Vinyl LP


A limited-edition re-issue on Sonor Music Editions of a wonderful & sought after Italian library album 'Utopia' by Sandro Brugnolini, ‎which was originally issued in 1972 on the Gemelli label. Highly recommended. 

Please note unsealed.

A1. Giuggi / A2. Anna / A3. Anna (Vers. Veloce) / A4. Supermarket / A5. Sepoltura / B1. Gregorio VII / B2. Chiostro / B3. Ritorno In Macchina / B4. Ritorno In Macchina (Vers. Alt.) / B5. Utopia 

Armagideon Times · Sandro Brugnolini - UTOPIA