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Janko Nilovic

Rythmes Contemporains – Vinyl LP

Rythmes Contemporains – Vinyl LP
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An incredible record from the prolific Yugoslavian composer, Janko Nilovic, often hailed as the best LP in his vast catalogue. Recorded in 1972, 'Rhythmes Contemporains' showcases the most accomplished French musicians of the time, utilising a 45-piece orchestra for this genre-spanning library LP. Stunning reissue released on Broc Records. Limited to 500 copies. 

A1. Black On A White Ground 6:32 / A2. Giant Locomotion 8:10 / A3. Xenos Cosmos 4:50 / B1. Underground Session 10:10 / B2. Mouvements Aquatiles 2:30 / B3. The Savage Rose 5:04