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New Pulse Jazz Band ‎

Pulse On!! – Vinyl LP

Pulse On!! – Vinyl LP
[product vendor] - Pulse On!! – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo USA


Sealed deadstock copies of Galt MacDermot's New Pulse Jazz Band ‎'Pulse On!!' album, released on Kilmarnock ‎in 1981. 

Some wear on cover from storage.

A1. Off The Bus / A2. Face All Frosted / A3. Matchless Bussle / A4. Midnight Setting / A5. The Moon Retards The Night / A6. The Heat Retreats / A7. Barbs Are Cards / A8. Time Does The Healing / A9. The Tale Winds On / A10. Power For Goods / A11. Fate Pursues / A12. Into Destiny / B1. One Beat Short / B2. String Of Camels / B3. Celestial Vamp / B4. Pulse On / B5. American Gypsy Anthem / B6. American Gypsy Dance