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Michel Gonet

Phasing News (Volume 2) –Vinyl LP

Phasing News (Volume 2) –Vinyl LP
Michel Gonet – Phasing News (Volume 2) –Vinyl LP

$27.99 $30.99

Michel Gonet's French Library masterpiece from 1976. Reissued by Be With Records.

*Please note some copies have a slight cover crease / dent. We have reduced the price to reflect this.

A1. Mondial Scoop (Number III) / A2. Phasing Percussions A / A3. Phasing Percussions B / A4. Phasing Percussions C / A5. Phasing Percussions D / A6. Phasing Leitmotive A / A7. Phasing Leitmotive B / A8. Phasing March / B1. Devil Dance A / B2. Devil Dance B / B3. Flower Dance A / B4. Flower Dance B / B5. Happy Smith (Number II) / B6. Phasing Cymbals / B7. Phasing Winds / B8. Phasing Suspense A / B9. Phasing Suspense B