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Softboi – Vinyl LP

Softboi – Vinyl LP
Melodiesinfonie – Softboi – Vinyl LP

$26.99 $29.99

Have to admit we where unaware of Swiss producer Melodiesinfonie until accidentally finding this album on Bandcamp, but it's become one of our favourite albums of the year. A superb mix of styles, from lush soul & downtempo joints to the guitar led cinematic funk of 'Stay Soft', to the contemporary Brazilian sounds of 'Água Salgada' featuring Pedro Mizutani which fans of Sessa with dig. Highly recommended!!! 

Limited to 300 copies random coloured vinyl LP.

*Please note; copies have a slight cover crease caused in transit; we have reduced the price to reflect this.

A1. Life Is Easy / A2. Stay Soft / A3. Seaside / A4. It‘s Ok To Cry / B1. Agua Salgada / B2. Alp Dream / B3. Sunset / B4. I Give You Flowers 2/ B5. Walking Ducks / B6. Bye