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Gerald Bailey

Migration Climate – Vinyl LP

Migration Climate – Vinyl LP
Gerald Bailey – Migration Climate – Vinyl LP


An interesting concept album by Chicago's multi-instrumentalist Gerald Bailey. Gerald set out to make a record in isolation exploring downtempo tracks, to hip hop beats into bedroom jazz. Conceptually following the themes of migration, social evolution, upheaval, and positive change, he sculpted layers of overdubbed trumpet, flugabone, drums, and keyboards, utilising a simple recording setup. Released on Potions Music, cool stuff!!

A limited edition pressing.

A1. Free Trail / A2. Dusty Rhodes / A3. Call To Act / A4. Climate Migrant / A5. Dasani Falls / A6. Overnight Heat / A7. Three Flat / B1. Crab Shell / B2. Raised By Frogs / B3. The Herd / B4. Aurica / B5. Dune Boogie / B6. Hello Sun