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Tape 3/Tape 4 – Vinyl LP

Tape 3/Tape 4 – Vinyl LP
Felbm – Tape 3​/​Tape 4 – Vinyl LP


We are big fans of Felbm aka Eelco Topper here at Bongo HQ, so are super happy to have another record by him. 'Tape 3​/​Tape 4' includes the massively catchy 'Filatelie' which sounds like a soundtrack to an imaginary children's program. A superb record from a unique producer/musician which is going to say affixed to the turntable for some while to come!!!

A1. Filatelie / A2. Tartufai / A3. Tiquetonne / A4. Veluwe / 5. Herausweh / 6. Talmen / 7. Heisei / B1. Brunnengasse / B2. Colorists 0/ B3. Langeweile / B4.. Beaufort / B5. Somnambulant / B6. Regtur / B7. Midori