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En Trance – Vinyl LP/CD

En Trance – Vinyl LP/CD
En Trance – Vinyl LP/CD - Mr Bongo USA
En Trance – Vinyl LP/CD - Mr Bongo USA
En Trance – Vinyl LP/CD - Mr Bongo USA
En Trance – Vinyl LP/CD - Mr Bongo USA


Ships October

VINYL: A1. Free Tonight / A2. Duende / A3. Creator's Dream / B1. Interplay / B2. Funk The Rock / B3. Invasion / B4. Return Of LB 

CD – BONUS TRACKS: Dancing In Outer Space / Motivation / Extract / Alternative II

Love for Atmosfear was born out of the underground UK dance scene of the early 1980s; from nightclubs, pirate radio shows and soul weekenders. A localised scene that went on to have a global influence. The band’s most notable track ‘Dancing in Outer Space’ – included here on the CD version as a bonus – is a certified classic. It was a chart hit in the UK and was also championed Stateside in clubs such as the mythic ‘Paradise Garage’ and 'The Loft' by the likes of Larry Levan and David Mancuso. An instantly recognisable anthem that is just as fresh today as it was when it was first released.

Originally released in 1981 via Elite / MCA records, ‘En Trance’ is a joyous album that arguably represents the pinnacle of the Brit-funk sound. The band consisted of bassist, and keyboardist Lester J. Batchelor, drummer Ray Johnson, guitarist Andy Sojka, saxophonist Stewart Cawthorne, singer and guitarist Tony Antonio and producer Jerry Pike. The album captures the excitement of these exceptional players demonstrating utmost originality in the studio.

More Atmosfear and Elite Records reissues are available/coming soon on Mr Bongo, including ‘Xtra Special’ and ‘Dancing In Outer Space’ on 12”.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Remastered. Licensed from Chemical Discs.

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