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Ebi Soda

Ugh (yellow vinyl) – Vinyl 2LP

Ugh (yellow vinyl) – Vinyl 2LP
Ebi Soda – Ugh (yellow vinyl) – Vinyl 2LP

$31.50 $34.99

Tru-Thoughts bonus edition on double yellow vinyl of Ebi Soda's superb debut album from 2020. This edition features dubs by Ash Walker, highly recommended. 

*Please note; some copies slightly creased in transit, we have reduced the price to reflect this.

A1. Ecchi / A2. Mas the Orc / A3. Zip Your Boots Up Lad / B1. Run For President / B2. Spooki / B3. Keisha Billip / C1. Playstation / C2. Summer One / C3. Something To Do In The Future / C4.  Meow meow / D1. Ecchi (Ash Walker Dub) / D2. Spooki (Ash Walker Dub) / D3. Playstation (Ash Walker Dub)