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Ebi Soda

Ugh – Vinyl LP

Ugh – Vinyl LP
Ebi Soda ‎– Ugh – Vinyl LP


There is nothing like a box of a new Ebi Soda record from Sola Terra Records to cheer up a grey day. An amazing gem from the Ebi Soda guys drenched in their own unique sound and featuring the fantastic vocalist Chloe Bodur on the track 'Run For President'. Comes packaged with awesome sleeve art by artist Azee Gumi, one of the highlights of the year so far, highly recommended!!! 

A1. Ecchi / A2 Mas the Orc / A3. Zip Your Boots up Lad / A4.Run for President / A5. Spooki / B1.Keisha Billip / B2. Playstation 3/ B3. Summer One / B4. Something to Do in the Future / B5. Meow Meow