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Born Like This – Vinyl 2LP

Born Like This – Vinyl 2LP
Doom – Born Like This – Vinyl 2LP


Lex Records reissue of Doom's senastional 'Born Like This' album from 2009.

*Please note; some copies have a slight cover crease, we have a reduced price variant to reflect this.

A1. Supervillain Intro /  A2. Gazzillion Ear / A.3 Ballskin / A4. Yessir! / A5. Absolutely / A6. Rap Ambush / B1. Lightworks / B2. Batty Boyz / B3. Angelz / C1. Cellz / C2. Still Dope / C3. Microwave Mayo / D1. More Rhymin' / D2. That's That / D3. Supervillainz / D4. Bumpy's Message / D5. Thank Yah