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Clifford Jordan Quartet

Glass Bead Games – Vinyl 2-LP

Glass Bead Games – Vinyl 2-LP
[product vendor] - Glass Bead Games – Vinyl 2-LP – Mr Bongo USA

$25.99 $51.99

Lovely Pure Pleasure re-issue in a gatefold cover, of Clifford Jordan Quartet's seminal, outstanding 'Glass Bead Games' album, one of the best Strata East releases. Heavy jazz vibrations. 

A1. Powerful Paul Robeson / A2. The Glass Bead Games / A3. Prayer To The People / A4. Cal Massey / B1. John Coltrane / B2. Eddie Harris / B3. Biskit / C1. Shoulders / C2. Bridgework / C3. Maimoun / D.1 Alias Buster Henry / D2. One For Amos