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BunnDebrettQuintet – Vinyl 2LP

BunnDebrettQuintet – Vinyl 2LP
BunnDebrettQuintet – Vinyl 2LP


A handful of the last remaining copies just delivered by the artist.

It's always a massive treat to get a wonderful album hand-delivered direct by the artist. The BunnDebrettQuinte album is a real labor of love and the first recording for 30 years from percussionist & drummer, Stephen Bunn (Bunny), and guitarist and piano player Jon DeBrett, who first collaborated as the founding members of 90s Acid Jazz band Mother Earth.

In 2019 the pair reunited at the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street at a gig featuring a new line-up of Mother Earth with Matt Deighton from the original line-up. The BDQ album came from the conversations that Stephen and Jon had that night on the 94 Bus back to Shepherds Bush (West London) that they should make another record. Within a few days they were back in the studio and invited friends such as Tenesha the Wordsmith (Peacocks and Other Wild Animals), Tamar Osborn (Collocutor Continuation), Matt Deighton (Mother Earth) Roger Beaujolai, Nathan Haines, and others to collaborate, often remotely due to the current circumstances. 

The BDQ album is pressed on double 180-gram vinyl and mastered by Frank at the Carvery. This record really blew us away on first listen in the office at Bongo HQ on a bright summer's day, highly recommended!!

A1. 94 to Acton Green / A2. Just Another Sunday / A3. Someday / B1. Praise Dance / B2. Isloation / C1. Webster / C2. Spirits Down Below / D1. The Blessing / D2. Long Road Strange Woman / D3. Creeper