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Bruno Spoerri

Der Würger Vom Tower – Vinyl LP

Der Würger Vom Tower – Vinyl LP
Bruno Spoerri – Der Würger Vom Tower – Vinyl LP


Finders Keepers present a lost cult jazz soundtrack from 1966 to supernatural Soho strangler epic with music by the Swiss electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri.

A1. Der Würger Vom Tower (Big Ben's Little Secret) / A2. Der Würger Vom Tower (Oxfords On Oxford Street) / A3. Staircase Strangler/Headlines For Harry / A4. Don't Blame Jane / A5. Regent Jewellers (A Few Questions For Mr. Clifton) / A6. Robbery In Robes / A7. Jane Flees (Jazz Chase) / A8. Kidnapped / A9. Crashed Jag/Raymond's Revuebar/Scotch & Pancakes / The Hooded Chorus Suite A10. There's A Devious Religious Sect Underneath The Tower Of London (Jane's In Chains) / A11. To The Brothers Of Compensatory Righteousness, Holy Root Give Us A Sign / B1. Brogues In Robes / Kiddie's Suite / B2. Kiddie's Beat (More Tea Vicar/Something Stronger) / B3. Reading The Killer / B4. The Strangler In The Tower/Kiddie And Company / B5. Flashlight/The Whole Finger / B6. Spiral Staircase (Jazz Chase) / B7. Inspiral Staircase (Jazz Chase Rock Version) / B8. Check Out The Gravel Pit (Parkstrasse Percussions) / B9. Plane To Peru (Parvati Smaragd)