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Bokoya & Gianni Brezzo

Minari – Vinyl LP

Minari – Vinyl LP
Bokoya & Gianni Brezzo – Minari – Vinyl LP


Bokoya team up with the amazing Gianni Brezzo for a instrumental jazzy Hip-Hop / cinematic soul outing. Surprise Chef fans check this out.

*Please note; some copies have a slight cover crease caused in transit. There is a reduced price variant to reflect this.

A1. El Cielo / A2. Monotrondesire / A3. Gemini / A4. Tangram / A5. Joomangi / B1. Flutterby / B2. Velvet Stream / B3. Idly and Curry / B4. Vicious Circles Hope / B5. Interlude / B6. Ni No Kuni / B7. Patience