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Angel Bat Dawid

Requiem for Jazz (Purple vinyl) – Vinyl 2LP

Requiem for Jazz (Purple vinyl) – Vinyl 2LP
Angel Bat Dawid – Requiem for Jazz (Purple vinyl) – Vinyl 2LP


Purple vinyl issue of composer, clarinetist, singer and educator Angel Bat Dawid new album 'Requiem For Jazz'. A part 12-movement suite inspired in part by dialogue from Edward O. Bland’s 1959 film 'The Cry of Jazz'.

1. Jazz is merely the Negroes cry of Joy & Suffering / 2. INTROIT- Joy n’ Suff’rin / 3. Jazz is the musical expression of the triumph of the Negroes Spirit / 4. KYRIE ELEISON- Lawd Hav’ Merci / 5. This endless repetition is like a Chain around the Spirit. And is a reflection of the denial of a future to the Negro in the American way of life / 6. DIAS IRE- Chain Around the Spirit / 7. Another restraining factor in Jazz are the changes / 8. TUBA MIRUM- The Changes / 9. The Negro experiences the endless daily humiliation of American life which bequeaths him a Futureless Future / 10. REX TREMENDAE –Futureless Future / 11. The Negro transforms America’s image of him into a transport of Joy! / 12. RECORDARE-Recall the Joy / 13. Jazz reflects the improvised life thrust upon the Negro / 14. CONFUTATIS-Repression / 15. Through Spirituals, through the Blues, then through Jazz we made a memory of our past and a promise of all to come / 16. LACRIMOSA- Weeping our Lady of Sorrow / 17. Because Jazz is the one element in American life where whites must be humble to the Negro / 18. OFFERTURIUM-HOSTIAS-Humility / 19. Only when whites have paid the price in suffering to be the Negroes equal / 20. SANCTUS- Holy, Holy, Holy / 21. The Jazz body is dead but the Spirit of Jazz is Alive / 22. AGNUS DEI-Jazz is Dead! / 23. LUX AETERNA – Eternal Light (Angel Bat Dawid) / My Rhapsody (Severson-Leist) feat. Marshall Allen & Knoel Scott / 24. Long Tone for Rayna Golding (A Binti Zawadi our Future)