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Andrzej Korzyński

Diabeł – Vinyl LP

Diabeł – Vinyl LP
Andrzej Korzyński – Diabeł – Vinyl LP


Finders Keepers present a mega rare tripped out psych score to filmmaker Andrzej Żuławski film 'Diabeł ' by the Polish maestro Andrzej Korzyński.

A1. The Devil / A2. Freedom For A Promis / A3. War-Torn Wasteland / A4. Wretched Woodland / A5. Wedding Dance Macabre / A6. A Mute Reunion / A7. The Devil Fits - God In His Youth / A8. Through The Door - Theador / A9. Your Father Is Death Young Lord (Be Cursed) / A10. Broken Boudoir / A11. Theador And The Rifles / A12. The Bordel / A13. Mother / A14. Daughter Of The Sin / A15. Zakonnica / A16. Rope Him To The Horse / A17. Around You Is A Void Circle Save For The Stinking Corpses / B1. Understand Nothing / B2 No Blackberries In Winter / B3. Cancel The Evil Gently / B4. Mother Snake / B5. The Fiery Sword / B6. The Duel / B7. Not The Horse / B8. The Quill - What's Not Written Does Not Exist / B9. The World Is Beautiful (Climb The Tree) / B10. Theador Go Back To God / B11. The Black Dog