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Ana Y Jaime

Dire A Mi Gente – Vinyl LP

Dire A Mi Gente – Vinyl LP
Ana Y Jaime – Dire A Mi Gente – Vinyl LP

$26.00 $28.99

Munster Records records re-issue of the fuzzy Colombian psychedelic pop sounds of Ana Y Jaime. 'Dire A Mi Gente' includes the awesome track 'Nina Nana' as featured on Egon's 'Forge Your Own Chains' compilation.

Please note: slight cover dent, the price has been reduced to reflect this.

A1. Dispersos / A2. Jerusalem / A3. Dire A Mi Gente / A4. Es Largo El Camino / A5. Love Story / A6. Cuatos Momentos / B1. Soy Rebelde / B2. Cafe Y Petroleo / B3. Ricardo Semillas / B4. A Desalambrar / B5. A Veces Quisiera Ser Siego / B6. Nina Nana