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Agustín Pereyra Lucena

Brasiliana – Vinyl LP

Brasiliana – Vinyl LP
[product vendor] - Brasiliana – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo USA
[product vendor] - Brasiliana – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo USA


“I think I have never met anybody, with the exception of Brazilian guitarists Baden Powell and Toquinho, as connected to his instrument as Agustín Pereyra Lucena” Vinicius de Moraes

Agustín Pereyra Lucena is the undisputed ambassador of Brazilian music in Argentina. Released in Argentina as 'Ese Día Va A Llegar' in 1975, and the following year in Europe as ‘Brasiliana', this was Pereyra Lucena’s fourth album. A superb bossa-jazz album that served as the starting point of Guillermo Reuter’s career – he went on to start the ‘Candeias’ outfit with Agustín Pereyra Lucena on guitar. Reissued here by Alter Cat.

Includes download card and liner notes from Agustín Pereyra Lucena himself.

A1. Amazonas / A2. Madrugada (Hace Unos Pocos Años) / A3. La Chica De Ipanema / A4. Reproche (Pocas Esperanzas) / A5. Viento Que Va / B1. Marítima / B2. Guayabas / B3. Mujer Latina / B4. Ultimo Aviso / B5. Ese Dia Va A Llegar