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tim maia on mr bongo usa

Tim Maia

The one and only, Tim Maia. A true legend in Brazilian music, Maia released over 30 albums during his extensive career, touching on funk, bossa nova, disco, MPB, rock, soul and jazz. He was a driving force behind the introduction of soul, funk and disco from the USA into Brazilian music styles and was hugely influential in the 'Black Rio' movement in Brazil in the early '70's.

Tim was the Big Bang who completely changed the scene when he arrived at the turn of the ’70s... He took the black American thing and mixed it with Brazilian forms like samba, baião and xaxado, inaugurating a new direction in Brazilian pop... Nelson Motta

Maia notoriously embraced a true rock 'n' roll spirit – his turbulent lifestyle mixed partying, touring, writing and recording, and at one point landed him in jail for six months in the USA, during his 5-year stint living there. Maia sadly passed away in 1998.