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Sven Wunder

Tōryanse / Sakura – Vinyl 7"

Tōryanse / Sakura – Vinyl 7"
Tōryanse / Sakura – Vinyl 7"



A. Tōryanse / B. Sakura

The awesome Sven Wunder is back, with a limited 45 released on the ever-excellent Piano Piano imprint. These tracks continue to raise the bar for the Swedish outfit.

'Tōryanse' features huge cinematic strings, funk-laden breaks topped with Japanese vocal and instrumentation. 'Tōryanse (通りゃんせ) ' is a Japanese children’s song and is common as music played by traffic lights in Japan. When the music stops it is safe to cross.

'Sakura', is s library-esque journey through jazz-tipped Japanese stylings and is an adaptation of a traditional folk song characterizing springtime and the season of cherry blossom.

These interpretations have been framed by merging traditional East Asian sounds with jazz and rock by using the guzheng (also known as the Chinese zither), panoramic strings, eerie choirs, progressive harpsichord and funky drums. The result vibrant and doesn’t stand far from Eastern Flowers (2019) and Wabi Sabi (2020), but is most crucial for determining forthcoming projects. A must-have!!!