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Brother Lee

Casio City Rockers – Vinyl LP

Casio City Rockers – Vinyl LP
Brother Lee – Casio City Rockers – Vinyl LP

$34.99 $36.99

Funk Night Records present a vinyl pressing of the low-fi bedroom Psych Funk sounds of Brother Lee.

*Please note some copies have a slight cover crease / dent. We have reduced the price to reflect this.

A1. Super Capri Beat / A2. Fried Grapes / A3. Soul Noodle / A4. Ricoré / A5. Breakfast Cereal Jazz Music / A6. French Madrid / A7. Move It On / A8. Free Parking / A9. Concrete Bongo Head / A10. Baroque Neck Brace / B1. It's All Around / B2. Daredevil / B3. Second Guess / B4. Turquoise / B5. Toyota Corolla / B6. Bossa For Ingrid / B7. Welcome To Valium Country / B8. Casio City Rockers/  B9. Wah Wah