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Lahai – Vinyl LP

Lahai – Vinyl LP
Sampha – Lahai – Vinyl LP

$27.99 $30.99

A much loved, deep and heartfelt left of centre-Soul/R&B album by the ever excellent Sampha. Well recommended!!!

Comes in black or limited white vinyl.

*Please note some copies have a slight cover crease / dent. We have a reduced priced variant to reflect this.

A1. Stereo Colour Cloud (Shaman's Dream) / A2. Spirit 2.0 / A3. Dancing Circles / A4. Suspended / A5. Satellite Business / A6. Jonathan L Seagull / B1. Inclination Compass (Tenderness) / B2. Only / B3. Time Piece / B4. Can't Go Back / B5. Evidence / B6. Wave Therapy / B7. What If You Hypnotise Me? / B8. Rose Tint