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Musica de Futebol - Celebrating The Brazilian Love Affair with Music and Football

Brazil became a republic in 1889. Five years later Charles Miller arrived with two footballs at the port of Santos and the country’s destiny was foreordained. Within decades football was the strongest symbol of Brazilian identity. Brazil has won the World Cup five times – more than any other country. It has produced some of the most talented players of all time, such as Leonidas, Didi, Socrates, Zico, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Robinho, and of course Pele, the greatest of them all. 

But the romance of Brazilian football is not just that the country is the most successful. It is because of the graceful, awesomely skillful and acrobatic way they play. It is because of the musicality and contagious good spirits of their fans. And it is because the commentators shout ‘goooooooooooooooal’. 

The history of Brazilian football and the development of its musical styles are entwined. Perhaps because of the emphasis on the dribble, which moves one’s whole body, the sport is often described as a dance. The rhythm, happiness and ingenuity that marks Brazilian football makes it perfect subject matter for music.

Over a decade ago Mr Bongo celebrated this relationship with the exuberant compilation, Ginga. It exhibited how Brazilians best express their creativity through music and football (often both at the same time), and with the World Cup being hosted in Brazil this year we knew it was time for celebration again. So now we bring you ‘Ginga’, the movie.

Ginga: The Soul Of Brazilian Football from Mr Bongo on Vimeo.

Ginga is an awe-inspiring documentary exploring the essence of what makes Brazil one of the greatest footballing nations ever known. Ginga – the mysterious, indefinable magical quality of rhythm and movement which sets the Brazilian game apart from all the others.

Ginga (DVD) is exclusively available from Mr Bongo NOW. It will be available in selected stores later this month. Also keep an eye out for some special screenings over the summer months.

The film will be screened in London on Thursday 8th May, starting at 6pm, at Forge Music and Arts Venue. You can find out more about the event here.

More info: Ginga Official Website