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Mr Bongo Record Club episode 32 with Bedroom Disco

A month overdue yet again, sorry! We are insanely busy at the moment. Must try harder, we know.

This month Gareth Stephens and Graham Luckhurst are joined by Bedroom Disco aka Flora & Mouse. They are London based DJs/selectors who share a passion for jazz, Latin, gospel and disco amongst other sounds. You can hear them spin on alternate Saturday mornings on the excellent Hackney internet radio station Netil Radio, as well as in bars and clubs across the city, very regularly.

Lemmy Jackson – We Can Do It
Al Green – Full  Of Fire
Belle Farms Estate – Puddin’
Heem – Going Down  
Cymande – Genevieve
Ill Considered – Unwritten Rules 

Batteaux – Dig Up The Love 
Kadhja – Mother  Maybe 
Marty Caine – Love The Way You Love Me
Phoebe Kates – Feels So Good 
Nu Guiea – Ddoje Facce

GUEST MIX by Bedroom Disco

Pete Brandt’s Method - What you Are
Suzanne Menzel - I Feel It Starts Again

Al Massrieen - Longa
Ahmed Fakroun - Soleil Soleil
Nahid Akhtar  - Yeh Ajj Mujhko Kya Hua
Gerardo Frisina - Mas Eu Quer Ser
Paradise - Sizzlin Hot
Zru Vogue - Cumulonimbus
Cecil Wary Orchestra - Fugue To Cuba
The Oriental Funk - Loy Kratong Disco
Baby O - In the Forest
Stanislas Tohon - Owhaaou!
Mac Gregor - Nan Ye Li Kan
Tumblack - Caraiba
Original Tropicana Steel Band - Spanish Hustle
Raul De Souza - Daisy Mae

End of guest mix.

Joe Armon Jones – Starting Today
Spaceark – Welcome To My World
MNP  –  The Rod & Sceptre

End of show.