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Mr Bongo Record Club episode 26 featuring Wyndham Earl guest mix

Episode 26 features a special guest mix from the mysterious music mastermind Wyndham Earl. Earl is a producer, musician, DJ and obsessive record collector who feeds his terrible habit by dealing records; specialising in obscure Library, Funk, Psych and other 60's and 70's music. He cut his teeth working at the always excellent Rarekind Records in Brighton and is an avid digger with a penchant for foreign exotic funky oddities and a keen ear for uncovering obscure grooves. We didn't know a single track in his mix...!

As a musician and producer he has played with a bands covering a wide spectrum of music from hip hop, funk and jazz to electronica, rock and folk. His past musical collaborations include Bonobo, Alice Russell, Rough Fields, My Little Problem, Dr Syntax, TM Juke and many others.

Hosted as always by Graham Luckhurst and Gareth Stephens.


Orm - Tropic
Raimonds Pauls - Games
Mirdza Zivere - Solar Rhythms
Rupa - Moja Bhari Moja
Twinkie Clark - Awake O Zion (Edit)
Jaye P Morgan - Here Is Where Your Love Belongs
Joseph Nicoletti - Night-Time Stars
Jesus Alvarez - Please Stay, Don't Go
Maureen Bailey - Takin' My Time With You
Skip Jackson - Micro Wave Boogie
Yves Simon- Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet
Harris Chalkitis - Time Is Over

Wyndham Earl Library Jazz mix:

Paul Kass - The Big Break
Remigio Ducros - Lunedi Ore 7,45
Dave Sarkys - Balleroy
The Rapture - Funky Pop
Paul Kass - Beach Bossa
Fritz Maldener - La Serenade
Max Rocci & His Friends - Colorombo
Modern Sound Quartet - Narcisso
Giudo Giovagnoli - OK Joan
Paul Kass - Southern Sunshine
Rino De Filippi - Ivory
Orchestra Sunny Lord - Message To You
Powerhouse - Hole In One
Boss Music - Leak On Way
Tom Mannoff - Mr Max
Vic Flick - Brother Hood
Tilsley Orchestral - Bit (London Big Sound - Bite Back)
Living Group - Tune Of Love
Glen Somers - Movement
Gershon Kingsley - Humpty Dumpty
Tany Turens - Little Sony
André Heller - Was Mir Der Dichter Luis Rosalez In Etwa Erzählte
Sonny Pearson Orchestra - Senso Unico

End of mix

Paul McCartney - Check My Machine
Pecker - Pecker Power
Shadow - Lets Get Together
Zimba - Baleka

End of show.