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Mr Bongo Record Club episode 16 with Nick The Record

DJ, collector and supreme record dealer Nick The Record joins us for episode 16 of our radio show.

Famous for compilations including Under The Influence, his edits of rare sought after tracks, diverse and emotional DJ sets, and a legendary record collection, it was a privilege and pleasure to have Nick on the show. For more information visit his website.

Nick is playing in London on 5th March at Tangent with John Gomez at Troyganic on Kingsland Rd. If you can't make that one, then he is also playing on 12th March at Maverick Base in Dalston at venue The Souls.


1. Lee Edwards - Equal Love Opportunity
2. Jean Wells - What Have I got to loose
3. Barbara Jean English - If it feels this good
4. Pure Pleasure - By My Side
5. Rita Wright - Touch Me Take Me
6. Senay - Doy Doy Doymadum
7. The Willow Band - Willow Man
8. Marcus Cultier - Baby Ouah
9. Marumo - Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
10. Motherland - Jungle Boat
11. Paul McCartney - Secret Friend

Nick The Record:

12. Disconnection - Love Lady
13. Stairsteps - Tell Me Why
14. Matti & Pirjo Bergstorm - Dustin
15. Amii Ozaki - unknown
16. Boncana Maiga - Gabero
17. Dee Edwards - Put Your Love On The Line
18. unknown - Disco Mation Edits
19. Peggy Young - Hung Up Strung Out (Edit)
20. Noboyuki Shimizu - Silver Spot
21. Jean Adebamba - Say That You Love Me (Nick The Record Re-edit)
22. Abraxas - Bisexual Random Trout
23. The Incredible Heathen Band - Highway To Heathen

End of mix

24. Banda Black Rio - Maria Fumaca
25. Luli, Lucina e o Bando - Flor Lilás

End of transmission.

Tangent with Nick The Record