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Essential Brazilian albums

The first in our series of must have Brazilian albums; solid albums from start to finish – easier said than done. Here are six that we rate to kick things off: 

Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges - Clube da Esquina
A truly seminal record in Brazilian music history.  'Clube da Esquina' was a musical movement within Brazil that fused rock, bossa nova and jazz styles, with more traditional Brazilian styles.  Features a legendary version of 'Tudo Que Você Podia Ser'.


Quarteto em Cy - Quarteto em Cy Another LP featuring a fantastic version of 'Tudo Que Você Podia Ser' as one of four tracks on a mini-LP of warm, lush MPB vocal's and strings.


Célia - Célia
Very hard to find in its original vinyl format, and pricey as expected, but well worth the hunt.  Superb throughout but the standout track is 'Na Boca do Sol' for us.


Jorge Ben - Sacundin Ben Samba

Our personal favourite Jorge Ben live album. Stunningly production with a truly huge sound that accentuates Ben's voice.  'Anjo Azul' and 'Pula Bau' are particularly amazing.


Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai
All time classic album from an all time classic producer and arranger.  Incredible strings, brass, keys, percussion and Verocai trademark licks.  If you only own one Brazilian record it should probably be this one. It's that good.


Cravo & Canela - Preço De Cada Um
We re-issued this one after being tipped off Greg Caz, founder of the Brazilian Beat Brooklyn club and all round Brazilian music encyclopaedia.  Lush, incredibly warm MPB Samba soul vibes from start to finish.


Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Mudei de IdéiaExtremely varied style wise, this album swings surprisingly smoothly from carnival samba's to jazz-funk and rock, tough and psychedelic in places, soft in others.  Features 'Kabaluerê' sampled by Marcelo D2 for one of his best known tracks 'Qual E'. An important and interesting addition to the collection.